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decor poles
  Why Concrete?  


Myth Our Solution



Limited Selection

Concrete poles are available in a larger selection of designs and finishes than steel, aluminum or fiberglass poles. Décor Poles Sdn Bhd offers many different finishes like sand coating, flakes coating, color coating and even our concrete plain color offers long lasting finishes.




Concrete poles are usually weigh more than competitive materials. Our pictures show some of the concrete poles are installed by manual method. In General, most of the poles are recommended to install with a crane / back hole because with a lighting fixture installed the weight and awkwardness can be too much for contractor to handle.



Difficult to install

 Pre-stressed Spun concrete poles require the same installation equipment to install as Steel poles. The weight of the concrete does not warrant the use of special equipment. Our Concrete poles can use the same foundation design, bolt circle or transformer base as a metal pole. Using direct embedment poles, installation can be dictated by the customer not the soil conditions. Customer can installed direct embedment poles with the mounting kicking block to stabilize poles, and these methods can make installing concrete poles at river beds, sand beaches and in the water directly adjacent to docks and piers.
Expensive shipping cost
Concrete poles does not require any special vehicle to carry, thus with normal lorry crane / trailer, transporting concrete poles can be as simple as other materials.


Décor Poles Sdn Bhd pre-stresssed spun concrete poles are compacted by spinning method at speeds to produce forces over 39 times the gravitational force of the earth. This compaction together with PC wires, fills air and water voids with cement, which protects the pole from environmental, shipping and handling damage.

Expensive maintenance

Décor Poles Sdn  Bhd's pre-stressed concrete poles are built to last, and require little to no maintenance. Clean up costs can be lowered by using wet clothes in cleaning our pole surface. Our Concrete Poles offer a life time manufacturer’s warranty. Reinstallation rebate would be allocated if customer were to replace existing design with our new design in later stage. Our warranty underwrites our commitment to producing high quality, long lasting products for the customer.

Light Pole Loading

Our concrete Poles designs and manufactures concrete products from 1m height Bollards to 24m height concrete monopole. Our concrete poles can withstand wind load at anytime greater than other materials poles of the same design. All of our products are designed to meet the standards SIRIM QAS Malaysia (National quality assurance department), JKR Malaysia (Public Works Department)  which enables us to meet guidelines for all projects.

Impossible to modify pole at site

Concrete poles can be drilled in the field allowing a customer to modify their product. A customer will receive a "Field Drilling Guide" once our engineering department approves their modification. Following our guidelines will ensure the integrity of the pole and maintain its serviceability.



Décor Poles Sdn Bhd utilizes mass production, consolidated truckloads, and "Service First" to stay competitive. With low or no maintenance, our protective coating, and versatile installation methods, pre-stressed concrete poles have a lower total installed cost and life cost than competitive products in both short term and long term solution.


Safety of Concrete Poles

Concrete poles, when being crashed may break into two, and tendency of pole collapsing towards driver is higher than to other passing by pedestrian on the opposite side. Thus this is providing safety to other road user or walking pedestrian. It is important that when a driver created an accident, he / she would have to bear the risk. Other material poles, the whole poles would smash towards the opposite direction of driver, causing danger to other road users.
Another method of ensuring even safer usage of poles is by applying POLE-SAFE breakaway coupling, where when poles are impacted, it’ll fall towards the driver side, with an bouncing effect, where poles will bounce and fall away from driver.


Installation of concrete poles
Installation of concrete poles is as easy as steel / wooden poles. Equipment required is either back hole (Case) machine or mobile crane.
Concrete pole can be carry by few men during installation. Usage of tools such as triangle stand, trolley can be applied for planting of concrete poles.
In case of many poles planted, rental of back hole (Case) is worth the value, as saving on pole price at initial stage of sufficient in covering rental prices.


Handling of concrete poles after incident
In any event accident happened; remains of concrete poles can be PUSHED towards road side by manual using any steel / wooden bar.


Replacement of concretes poles after any incident
Replacement of concrete poles after any incident within Malaysia, manufacturer will sent pole replacement team. Charges will be only cost of concrete poles and normal installation price for each pole.


Manufacturer will provide Life time warranty for any manufacturer’s defect, of each product installed as per manufacturer specification.


Unsurpassed durability is a product of our manufacturing process and the inherent properties of concrete. Centrifugal casting creates the highest density and lowest permeability concrete available. You can expect the spun concrete poles to last at least 70 years. There is virtually no degradation from even the most severe environments.


High strength is achieved by a centrifugal casting process and use of prestressed steel wire cage. Centrifugal casting compacts and increases the already substantial strength of our concrete. Prestressing steel wire cage allows ultimate moment capacities far beyond the onset of cracking.

Spun concrete poles weathered sustained winds of 145 mph and gusts exceeding 200 mph without a single failure when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992. After the storm, a few of these tortured poles were returned for testing. The testing revealed that the poles were none the worse for their ordeal and actually exceeded their designed strength.


Low lifetime costs are due to a virtual lack of required maintenance. There is no rotting or rusting to monitor. Concrete poles have considerably lower initial and long-term costs than comparable steel structures. Though spun concrete poles do have higher initial cost than wood, the long-term savings provides a much better return on customers’ investment. Replacements and patches are not required once service begins.


Resistance to cracking results from the pole design practices and the use of prestressed steel cage. Prestressed designs allow cracking capacities much higher than similar non-prestressed solutions.


Low deflection under loading results from spun concrete pole resistance to cracking.


Reduced weight is evident when compared to static cast concrete poles. Centrifugal casting creates a hollow cross section, from tip to butt, that puts the concrete where it is needed most, away from the center of the section. The result is strength to weight ratio that static casting can't match.


Concrete poles are generally cheaper than other materials and in both short term and long term cost saving, it surpass most of the other materials.replica rolex sea dweller deep sea wholesale rolex watches china is it illegal to sell replica watches replica rolex watch for sale

  Download Technical Facts  

How To Test Concrete Poles
Concrete Pole Handling Instruction
Pole Planting Guideline
     - Direct Embedment
     - Flanged Mounted
Capping Pole Foundation
Guideline on Specifying Décor Poles Concrete Poles
(Click to Download all pdf file on each pole product ranges)

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